Thiết Kế và Thi Công Nghỉ Dưỡng


Khong Gian Moi is a leading force in hotel design. Every hotel designed by Khong Gian Moi is a different style. We can experience luxury and glamourous facilities at La Siesta Ma May Hotel; classic dignity at Paradise Tuan Chau Hotel; and elegance and warmth through the monochrome tones at O’ Gallery Premier. Our passion shines through in every hotel project that Khong Gian Moi undertakes.

Bars and Restaurants

With our understanding of customer needs and sophisticated creativity, all restaurants designed by Khong Gian Moi carry distinctive characteristics, with a bold imprint of the owner. From the rustic, ancient but very elegant features of the Red Bean, Hoi An, and the feeling of coming home as guests step into traditional-style HOME restaurant in Hanoi to the colorful, youthful and modern design of Bar Level 10, inspired by the sculptor Louise Nevelson.


When it comes to boat design, Khong Gian Moi continually innovates to create “floating castles” on the peaceful and romantic ocean. The highlight is the Convergence Cruise ship, which was designed with luxury in mind, combining purples and blues with more traditional tones. On the Au Co, a soothing green colour contrasts with dark red to create colour highlight points for each space. Khong Gian Moi strives to combine distinctive features to create an overall harmonious design.


The design work of Khong Gian Moi always receives positive feedback from clients in term of skill, creativity and unique design style. We have completed many projects in different sectors, including designing the new offices for Paradise Cruises; a modern and high-class showroom for Hafele; and supermarket design for Annam Market. All projects are the work of our talented, meticulous and passionate architecture team.