Thiết Kế và Thi Công Nghỉ Dưỡng

Ngon Villa

Renovated from an old French villa, Villa Ngon is restaurant construction that is pleasingly mixed between Colonial and Oriental traditional styles. Architects of KGM have applied the old values of architecture subtly to create a new charming appearance, comfortable and aesthetic space.

In order to erase the boredom of conventional yellow color, blue-grey pieces are stressed in impressive way for the sake of creating new color in contrast to old yellow walls and white ceilings. Windows are decorated/painted blue …..

In those small narrow spaces, uniform interior decors are high shelves closed to the ceiling are decorated by retro ornaments like notebooks, plates and bowls, jars and jugs, bags or watches.

Tables are decorated with dark warm color to create either luxurious elegant or cozy familiar space. The front yard and back yard of the second floor are full of fresh pleasure with tree branches, foliages upper head, making strangely peaceful emotion for those who step indoors.