Thiết Kế và Thi Công Nghỉ Dưỡng

Aira Sapa

Aira Spa Hotel’s architecture is a combination of Oriental and Occidental styles. Its luxurious design carries the spirit of contemporary art, creating an friendly but lavish atmosphere for Western tourists and a refreshing impression for Eastern visitors. The hotel’s furniture reflects a traditional and elegant spirit. Connecting rooms are sharply but softly divided by bamboo and silk curtains. The material made from bamboo offers us a hospitable and humble environment. The whole place possesses a mysterious theme made by carefully arranged lighting system.

O’Gallery Hotel

Unlike many other hotels with shiny and modern appearance, O’ Gallery Premier has a humble structure but very compatible with its surrounding, creating a generally harmonious space.

Inside the building, the mix of light-coloured and wooden segments on the floor, ceiling and walls creates an impressive combination of classical and modern style. The lighting system was invested carefully to reinforce the attractiveness. All furniture was designed in classical style. Inside O’Gallert Premier, there is truly a hidden beauty


Situated in the heart of Hoi An, LA SIESTA  stands out with its unique and luxurious architecture that is inspired by the high-hanging lanterns in nostalgic memories of the Old Town of Hoi An. Stepping into LA SIESTA , people easily get attracted by the tenderness and the charm of interior decors, especially with mysterious and sparkling lanterns. In addition, the dominant color which is deep and warm evoke those old memories. Overall, Essence is a non-verbal, poetic music that KGM has dedicated; a place where every visitor chooses when coming to HN

La Siesta Hotel

Located within Hanoi’s Old Quarter, La Siesta Hotel (Ma May Street) is an outstanding hotel with luxurious and comfortable rooms. The designs often hide new and creative elements, but still feel warm and friendly. Above all is the creation of emotional space.

La Siesta Hotel is the combination of the most special architecture lines, and uniqueness that is proudly presented by Khong Gian Moi. Walking into each space, one can’t help but be amazed at the richness in design and interior decoration of this special place.