Thiết Kế và Thi Công Nghỉ Dưỡng


Located in the busy centre of Hanoi yet O’Gallery Majestic Hotel & Spa still manages to catch all attention with its sophistication and courtesy in design.

Using the Boutique architecture along with a breathe of Western Classic, the O’Gallery Majestic Hotel & Spa is like a light-hearted yet passionate symphony with the mainstream colors of black and white tone. By combining the green color with glittering lights and perfect furniture harmoniously in each room, KGM is successful in creating a luxury, classsic, modern and graceful space for O’Gallery Majestic Hotel & Spa.


Each hotel has different story and Ngo Huyen Hotel also has its own tale about ancient Vietnamese and their special long-live culture.

Inspired by the legend of Lac Long Quan and Au Co, KGM has designed and constructed each room, each wall, each furniture to reflect the image of monumental Van Lang country from ancient times. The blue represents the sea, the red represents the mountain and the forest, the dark tone represents the land, all of these special combinations give Ngo Huyen Hotel the vibe of Asian culture yet still being able to retain the subtle and modern in its style.


If each architectural work is cultural value then the O’Gallery Luxury share its own culture through the image of classic Europe. With its soft architectural lines and the pleasant combination of dark blue and dark wood in a  classsic, chic and noble way – these are the best phrases to describe O’Gallery Luxury. The appearance of paintings about majestic and brave horse across the nine floors of the hotel  is like a message: Remember the O’Gallery Luxury, remember the modern royal.


By the hands of KGM artists, every piece of creatures under the ocean has been put together to create an art-filled painting that is called Sofia Hotel. You can find the soul of sea in every corner of the hotel.

No need for any kind of polishing, just by using rough materials, rustic lines combined with bright and light colors, Sofia Danang Hotel is the clear example of sea-inspired design that still be able to retain its elegance, sophistication and modern.


Located in the busy old quarter of Hanoi, but once you enter the Lasietta Classic Spa & Hotel, there’s only relaxing and peaceful moment.

With a Classic design combined with Bistro-style furniture, Lasietta Classic Spa & Hotel catches every attention with its classic European aesthetic. Each line, each detail, each color brings out the vibe of subtle, elegance, unique and difference.


Located on the land of misty Sapa with the dreamy image of mountains and forests, the Pistachio Hotel shows us its shiny yet friendly and warm look. Using pistachio as their inspiration, KGM has given life to each detail, line and block. From the green shade of the kernel to the white shade of the shell, with a touch of light wood color, all in harmony to create a classy and luxurious Pistachio – where the sophistication between art and nature meets.


Each country has its own remarkable characteristics but when blending together, it will bring out the distinct and unique of each culture. And you can find all these features in Anio Hoi An Boutique Hotel & Spa.

Anio Hoi An Boutique Hotel & Spa is designed based on the idea of Hoi An ancient fishing village combined with the ancient Chinese port and Japanese traditional tatami mats. Looking at it, you can feel the indescribable charm and intriguing vibes of Oriental architecture. By using natural materials combined with green and neutral tone, KGM has brought out the aesthetic yet retained the sophistication and elegance of the hotel, in which customers can enjoy their stay in relaxation and peace.

44 Yen Phu Apartment

Our apartment at 44 Yen Phu wears a modern design in order to create an airy and peace living space, where a master of this apartment can reduce stress and enjoy every relaxed moment. KGM combined 2 color tones: white and grey to outline different blue chromas for the interior decoration, through which the master’s personality and youthfulness are shown.

Dan Phuong Village

KGM has infused  “ France aromatic flavor” into the architectural design of Dan Phuong villa. The villa is so outstanding with its exquisite, well-mannered, and world-class beauty showed through its own color scheme and different designs for each separate space. This is truly a modernly convenient and ideal living space for high-living-standard families.